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Simple Online D&D Gaming Tips

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1.Don't do anything else. Don't be watching TV, surfing the web or talking with other people. Yes, D&D can be slow and boring at times, but you should still pay attention. And if you can't role-play talking to an elf king for ten minutes, then D&D might not be the game for you.

2.Know the rules. Have your rule books nearby and read them. You can also find the rules online.

3.Know your character. Look up your powers and spells. Know what they do. It's a good idea to make note cards.

4.Over state things. Don't type-"I walk over there''. Type-"Rogar walks over to the group of elves''. And keep doing it.

5.When you want to use a game effect, like charge or disarm, then capatilize the word. So you's say 'Rogar truns and Charges at the orc'. That way people know your using the game action. You can also do: Charge(action).

6.Avoid out of game stuff in the game chat room. You don't want to fill the screen.

7.React. Whenever the DM or another player types something, you should type something in reaction. Don't just sit at your computer and not type anything for like half an hour. Anything is fine...even if you just type 'Rigar Smiles'.

8.Try to keep track of names. It is easy to cut and paste a chat, or even just write them down on paper. Avoid saying 'we go to that town and see that guy about that thing'.

9.Get to know the other players. Interact.

10.When taking an action in the game, don't go to far. Many players post things like-'Tun opens the chest and takes the loot and then walks out of the room'. That is way too much action for one post. You need to give the DM and other players a chance to respond. So break the post up. 'Tun puts his hands on the chest and attempts to lift the lid' (Pause) And wait for the DM to respond.

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  1. outrider's Avatar
    I agree with all the parts of this post. I would add in combat, be aware when its your turn.