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The Good News

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I got some good news the other night. A friend of mine called me about joining his gaming group. Unfortunately, his group plays systems that I don't, so I politely turned him down. However, unlike the previous times he asked me to join them, I mentioned to him that I was eager to find a gaming group which played a game I was into. He replied, "How about this. You stop in gaming night (Thursday) and do a little presentation of the games you want to run. If the group likes one of them, you can run an alternate game." Obviously, I jumped at the chance!

So, I'm now trying to get a hold of him to get a feel for what the group likes and doesn't like, as I only want to present games that have a chance. Even at five minutes each, presenting fourteen games would take over an hour, and I know that won't go down well, so I'd like to trim the list down to five.

I'm also trying to figure out what to tell a group of people in five minutes about some of my games. I'm thinking I'll type up a page for each of my games, mentioning the best things about both the setting and the rules.

I got my work cut out for me. Hopefully, I'll be ready by Thursday night.

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  1. jpatterson's Avatar
    I still don't get this idea about not playing systems you don't already play, unless you have played them and eliminated them as ones you don't like - that is one thing. But if you don't play them just because you haven't... I just don't get it. I personally will just say that, for me, that would be a mistake, because I've found some great systems and ideas and genres with new games. Not that you obviously don't have plenty, with fourteen in your example.
  2. Wiptag's Avatar
    I'm not against trying new games (I'm in your game, after all), but some games I just don't like. While I haven't played them, I've read the rules, and I'm not interested. I prefer Pathfinder over Castles & Crusades. I prefer Star Wars d20 over Star Wars d6. I'm sorry that you "don't get it", but that's just the way it is.