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Atlanta rant

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I'm a female storyteller.
I have gamed under 2 other female storytellers. Both every Entertaining and always a good story line.

It is me but when I make a character and wrote a history that is approved by the current GM I'm I wrong to think they will at some point use some of the crap in game?

I like character driven Games when I have a smart ass punk of a kid running around tell elders to piss off I fully expect his to get throttled if not dead.

And boy if you tell my 1/2 orcs are not likes and I decide to play one (i do this to get towns reactions) but nothing no one in town said a damn thing when Not one but two half-orcs walk threw town in heavy armor and large swords ( i like to test new GMs a little)

If i leave my history as I just killed a party members brother . And the GM don't take advantage of this ..Why? are all Gm now running from small books with no room to develop a character?....It makes me sad ... I know why so many turn to the evil of online gaming.

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  1. bloodtide's Avatar might want to make sure your gaming with a Storytelling DM. If your DM is a 'by the book bot', then you won't get any story.
  2. tylyndel's Avatar
    Hard to find Good Storytellers Around here.. Texas was so much better with Gamers and DM,GM and Storytellers
  3. skage's Avatar
    Keep looking, Atlanta story based roleplayers exist, they're just kind of like the hidden jewels.
  4. judas's Avatar
    ...Speaking as an Atlanta-based ST, there's also a lot of "casting" one has to do with gaming groups here, both ways. The landscape for compatibility can be pretty small.