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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Border War Campaign Part 10

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This session we were joined by another new player. Ominous Whisper is an Eclipse caste solar, also a young, blind diplomat in the employ of The Guild (there is only one Guild in Exalted, and it is a worldwide trading organization). Calibration is a 5-day period at the end of the year in which there is no moon, no stars and generally weird stuff happens. It's considered by most to be an inauspicious time.

Something I forgot: When they discovered that the two men they fought were Abyssal exalts, it was implied that the tall Abyssal was only masquerading as a Wyld Hunter to gain use of the authority that provided.

Ominous Whisper was assigned the task of stabilizing the relations
between Tyria and Sumar to the best of her abilities. She arrived on the
first day of Calibration, an inauspicious time, at the port of Kalia in
Sumar. There she was told that she could not enter the city because the
city's military was on the move and the entrances had been shut down.
She persuaded a guard to pass a message to the Elder of the city asking
for an audience. The Elder consented and they discussed the terms she
would require for a return to peaceful negotiations. The Elder revealed she
had heard reports of dangerous Anathema being sheltered in Tyria and
that the Wyld Hunt had already been called for. Whisper then used
the letter of marque the Elder gave her to requisition passage across
the river into Tyria. Left at the riverside, she and her retinue
traveled through the forest on foot and eventually crossed the
easternmost river by stepping stones.

In Three Oaks, the Sumarian delegation did not arrive at the Council
Hall at dawn as they promised the previous day. After Nine Willows healed
him, Gaias and Wataru came to an accord on who would kill the armored
Abyssal, both having a claim on his life. The trio was summoned to
meet with the Council in an alternate location. Nine Willows sent her
lady maid to rest while they talked about the events of the previous
night, the Sumarian troops massing on the riverbank, and the fact that
Nine Willows and Gaias had revealed themselves as Anathema. The Council
asked of their motivations and said that they would not be interfered
with if they could persuade the god of the great tree to assist in
solidifying the Tyrian claim on the land. Priests of the city god were
sent along with the party when they went to speak with her.

On the path between the western forests and Three Oaks, Ominous
Whispers met with Nine Willows, Gaias, Wataru and the three priests and
had a brief discussion about the dangerous Anathema operating in the
area and parted ways.

Whispers continued on to Three Oaks where she asked a few townspeople
about the shadowland at the Council Hall and was told that most people
had been scared off while others were preparing to defend their town.
Whispers met with the Council and discussed Sumar's terms for peaceful
negotiation. The Council informed her of its position and requested time
to consider it's response to the terms.

Meanwhile, the other party continued on to the great tree. The priests
called down the god of the tree and promised to send a priest or acolyte
to commune with her daily if she would consent to support the Tyrian
claim on the land between the rivers. The god agreed and the priests
left. Nine Willows confronted the god this time carrying Luchea's spear,
Pinnacle of Noon. She asked the god what she would take in return for
giving her knowledge of sorcery, to which the god replied that she
desired one of the Abyssals who had returned her voice to her.
Agreeing to the terms, the three met up with Rami in the forest and
returned to Three Oaks to wait for the Deathknights to return. They also
informed Rami of the strange, blind woman they had met on the road.

When they returned to the city, Nine Willows began to study the mirror
that the Abyssals had left behind and, discovering it was an artifact,
attuned to it. She entered the shadowland to study what effects that
would have on its operation when Ominous Whispers rejoined them.

To be continued ...

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Updated 02-23-2009 at 11:01 AM by GoddessGood

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