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Update on my life

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A few weeks ago I bought two used and non-running toyota supra turbo's. They were cheap cause one engine had a blown headgasket + two melted pistons and the other was even worse off with a big hole in the engine block.

Anyway I managed to build a running engine for one of the cars so now I am happily motoring around in something worth driving that also has a backseat for my son.

I've always said that rpg's are my secondary hobby next to cars but I am eager to drop the wrenches for a while. I have satisfied my need for transportation.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like I'll be able to relax anytime soon. My roommate can't meet his obligations anymore so I'll have to move. I'll probably leave town altogether and end up comuting back every week. I think I'll end up in the bay area.

Dunno when I'll be able to properly run a game again, (I'm posting this from my cell), but I'd still like to do so. I plan on jumping ahead in the timeline of Ayodya 15 years or so where "Blood on the Stones" left off.

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  1. Blydden's Avatar
    All hail the return of Kai-Mei!

    (Hey wait...I live in the Bay Area...OHSHI-)
  2. scars_of_carma's Avatar
    So my car just broke down... the radiator literally blew its top and then the steam and coolant somehow caused arcing from the ignition coils... and that started an engine fire... which i had to put out with my shirt whilst being scalded by steam >_<