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Audor D20 -- Rebooting my homebrew of Audor

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Since they announced that 4th Edition was coming out, I've been debating what to do with my homebrew Audor campaign. Do I upgrade? Keep it 3.5? Update to Pathfinder? Go my own way.

My final decision is to go my own way. I will be keeping very close to 3.5 rules, but changing only what needs to be changed.

This will require writing up a new Players Handbook for my setting, and deciding what to change.

Let's start blogging.

The first chapter, of course, has to be the introduction to the setting. This is a basic "Dungeons and Dragons" setting loosely based on the Norse mythology, with an eclectic mix of additional material. Audor is the country in the north-west of the Arollian continent, about the lattitude of Alaska, but warmer because of ocean currents and because Arol is a bit warmer than Earth at the same lattitude. Winters are long and cold. Summers are short and cool. Springs are wet and muddy -- wherever you are when the spring rains it is where you are going to be for the next three months. The northern boundary of Audor is the Arctic Circle.

To the north of Audor are the Dotun Mountains, cold, arctic, inhabited by the wily Dora-Tachuks, who more closely follow the Viking stereotypes, especially along the coast.

To the east are the Dosa Mountains, and then the Kosa Plains, inhabited by the nomadic Kosaka, who are nomadic gold-skinned horse-riders worshipping a god of the sun and a goddess of the wind. I added the Kosaka wind goddess, Neryia, to the Vanarian pantheon as a "lost" sister of Freya.

To the south are the Dorak Mountains, an almost impassible chain inhabited by powerful and evil creatures. South of the Doraks are various lands such as Valdez, Faerl, Zane, and Toran. Toran is a desert kingdom from which the Toranians came to conquer the entire world (including Audor), spreading their monotheistic religion. When the Toranian Empire imploded with the death of their wizard-king, contact with the southern lands was lost and the Toranians and Nobeni left in Audor were stranded there.

To the west is the Great Ocean. It is through this ocean that contact with the southern lands can be made.

I'll have to put the history of Audor in a later post. This is just the introductory one for my blog.

My intent in this blog is to examine my process of creating a fantasy world and updating it. Future blog posts will have more emphasis on philosophy and my creative process instead of a relatively dry "this is this" like all the other this's around.

Now if only I can get some players for this game...

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  1. evans367's Avatar
    when where and about what time. I current have two people that would be intrested. Let me know how close you are staying to 3.5.
  2. Utgardloki's Avatar
    Wow! I actually have a blog here. I keep forgetting about it.

    I'll be sure to let you know if anything happens here. My plan is to use 3.5 core, but not necessarily all of those splat-books that came out, especially not all of those base and prestige classes they came up with. Instead, additional material would be selected based on what I think enhances the game.