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The New Guy

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Hello and welcome to my first blog. Since I'm currently stuck being awake due to the loud drunken singing and staggering from my upstairs neighbor, I thought now was as good a time as any to begin. I've come here like we all have - to find a gaming group. I've had mostly bad luck trying to find a local game, so Pen & Paper Games seems like my last, best hope.

The gaming community here in Madison, Wisconsin is extremely cliquey. There are three brick and mortar gaming stores and all of them do nothing but play Magic: The Gathering all day, every day. Sometimes I think Wizards of the Coast created Fourth Edition Dungeons & Dragons just so people who played 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons would quit and go over to Magic.

One group made me tell them my entire gaming life story, then told me they weren't interested without giving a reason why. Another consisted of men who were at least 6'6" in height. I was there with another potential recruit alongside me. We were asked only one question. "What D&D games will you play?" While I gave a somewhat lengthy response to this vague question, the large man-boy just shrugged his shoulders and said "They're all okay." Personally, I think they made up their minds when they saw my 5'10" frame standing next to this 6'7" giant. The tallest of them looked at him and said, "We're going to go with you, but you have to read the entire Pathfinder rulebook, okay?" The Neanderthal vigorously nodded his head while I took my exit.

I guess what I'm saying is I doubt I will have a worse experience here. I look forward to meeting the community.

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Updated 08-12-2010 at 10:57 PM by Wiptag

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  1. Malachi57's Avatar
    LoL! If any of that is true, that's really funny! If it's not, well, it's still funny. But sad. Poor 5'10" Wiptag.
  2. Wiptag's Avatar
    It's mostly true, unfortunately. I may have exaggerated a bit during my momentary frustration, though. I think that there are some decent gamers in this city, but all I've seen or heard of have closed groups. I also ran into a few gamers at the game stores who don't play Magic: The Gathering. Sadly, when that happened we were unable to find an RPG we both played, we'd try to convert the other, and would end up parting ways, feeling a tad frustrated, but happy that there are those out there who are at least playing something other than Magic.
    Updated 08-13-2010 at 10:20 AM by Wiptag
  3. jpatterson's Avatar
    That is just beyond bizarre, Wiptag. I have Magic cards and play now and then, but I really don't like it - I'm not a fan of competitive gaming like that. My normal gaming group (my friend and his family) play MTG - his nephew and stepson buy cards and stuff - me and my friend print out or photocopy cards and put them in sleeves over basic land, I have no desire to keep up with any of the stuff, since I don't want ot play Magic anyway, so I sympathize.

    I can't help you much with any of that, but you're welcome to converse in my social group forum, and I might figure out yours, and there's always the main site forums here - and people on here do play realtime chat games and use apps like MapTool and such, and of course, my personal choice, play-by-post.