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Solo Quests

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So started writing my first solo quest. I have three play testers. This is of course along side the 3.1 mechanics update. Solo quests are very different from the dynamic interactive GM. As a GM, i want to preserve that same sense of depth and immersive experience buts its impossible to do without addressing so many options at each decision point. My first set of play testing feedack was not to over complicate. I'm taking that to heart and scaling back things to make it easier and more fun for players. Its a choose-your-own-story approach which means the emphasis is on giving clues and hopefully the PC's see them - they usually just have to be more obvious because i'm not there to assess if i've been too harsh or difficult and adjust the difficulty if need be. So far its been fun. I realized it could not be a normal sized adventure as i wanted the first to be short and sweet. Good feedback already as well on what the purpose of a solo quest should be - most agree its a "fix" for when groups cannot meet. I'm kind interested in maybe "Assigning" them to players - make them for players and letting them individually or in a pair at most go through them. Of course, i have to rely on their honor if they live or die. I often have time early morning to make these sort of things on the weekend, otherwise i would grab a couple players and do an online game for a couple hours - but schedules just do not jive, especially in the summer.

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