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nijineko's world

chapter twenty-seven: mysterious ending, return beginning....

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Death was an experience I do not care to repeat. I have set the account down in it's fullness elsewhere. As this is my common book, certain to be had before many eyes, perhaps even before my death, it is not something that should be here for all to see. It was so close a duel. But he beat me by a sliver of time. I remember falling... falling into darkness. Sounds sliding away from me as I became aware of the sound of a great machine marking time beneath the threshold of awareness. As it stopped, I knew it was my heart. Returning to consciousness was a sliding rush into a suffocating heat, feeling the evaporation of the waters of that cold river from my skin as I was dragged back through the veil.

I am given to understand that Pik sought to strike my foe, but in his grief, actually missed. It was Gramblin who saved us all. His quick wit and suspicious nature discovered the proof we needed to prove our innocence. I shall never tease him again about his suspicions. The Loremaster will not trouble us again. Ever. However, we should also take our troubling presences from this tribe. We have shaken them rather badly. The King and the high-priest understand, but many of the tribe see only that we were involved somehow in the forbidden items removed from the tomb, and the death of the Loremaster. It would be wise to be elsewhere for a while. We shall return to my first-kin, and report the tale of our adventures. As sung by Arielle.


It is bemusing that I am now an adult. I who have outlived 5 generations of my first-kin. But my secret inner amusement is kept quiet, not to disrupt the solemnity of the occasion. Though I suspect that the officiating elder shared in the irony. The feasting nears it's end. The singing was splendid. There was even some of my second-kin in attendance. Soon we shall begin the return voyage home. It is more difficult to leave my home than ever before. I am now bound to my homelands more tightly than ever before. It's voice whispers in my soul.

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  1. michael's Avatar
    You're a good writer.
  2. nijineko's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by michael
    You're a good writer.
    Thank you. I feel I have much room for improvement, though.