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Surbrook's Stuff Comes to D3 Games

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D3 Games has acquired the license to publish titles in a new product line titled "Surbrooks Stuff". The name should be familiar to those in the Hero Games community who have likely used or perused Mike’s website of the same name.

Surbrooks Stuff will carry on the long tradition of creating characters, creatures, gadgets and all manner of miscellany that author, Michael "Susano" Surbrook, has become well known for.

"We are thrilled to have Mike chose D3 Games as the publisher for this line of books and will be working hard to bring his talents to those who already know him and to those rare few that do not." responded D3 Games' president, Jason Yarnell.

"I'm excited to be working with Jason and D3 Games, and hope to be able to do so for some time to come." came Michael Surbrooks response.

The first title lined up for publication will be "Here There Be Dragons: A Medieval Bestiary" scheduled for release in 2011 and is being geared towards as a possible accessory for the "Da Vinci Punk" setting in development by D3 Games.

About D3 Games: Founded in 2007 as a chance for Jason Yarnell to publish his fantasy game world of Kamarathin. D3 Games has grown to include other genre's and authors. Spearheading this endeavor is his wife, Anne, who handles all things business and their 3 dogs, who carry on the monumental task of being mascots.

The goal of D3 Games is to create rich and detailed worlds for those who do not have the time or desire to create their own. D3 worlds have the primary focus of plausibility while maintaining the sense of the fantastic.

About Michael Surbrook: Michael Surbrook started gaming way back in 1977, playing in a number short-lived 'hack-and-slash' Dungeons and Dragons games. Other systems followed—Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, Rolemaster, Traveller, The Fantasy Trip... but nothing really stuck until he encountered Champions in 1985. Almost immediately taken with the “build what you want” concept behind the HERO System, he's played it almost exclusively since then. This enthusiasm for the game eventually resulted in his first published work, Kazei 5, an anime-cyberpunk-style setting for 4th Edition HERO System. Since then, he’s written the 5th Edition version of Ninja Hero and The Asian Bestiary Volumes 1 & 2 for Hero Games, Kazei 5 2nd Edition for BlackWyrm Games, and has contributed material to Fantasy Flight Games’ Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader product lines.

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