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nijineko's world

chapter twenty-five: deadly errors compounded.

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We made our way carefully to the place of burial. There we were able to find what my mother was looking for. Since we were bound to not disturb anything, I memorized what I saw. We also found the skeleton of a woman, in fine garments. My mother. I wonder if what she found was worth her efforts. What were her desires for my destiny? How did I come to be the sole survivor, a helpless babe? It seems that finding the secrets of my past has simply revealed new secrets underneath.

As we were about to leave, it was noticed that some minor things laying about had disappeared. We knew that we had not done it, which left our two companions. Obviously, we suspected the Loremaster. Having done a through search of ourselves and our belongings, we determined that nothing has been secreted with us. We did not wish to challenge the two of them, not where there are no witnesses, save ourselves. Returning without them was also not an option available to us.

Instead we opted to return directly to the high-priest and requested a private audience with him. He seemed disturbed. Somehow he knew that something had gone wrong. We threw ourselves upon his mercy. The geas that he had placed upon us was undisturbed. There was no effort to resist the binding of truthfulness he used upon us. He also spoke with Hunral and the Loremaster. We felt disturbed that these efforts seemed inconclusive to him.

Once one of the missing items was discovered in our tent, which we had failed to search - a grave error upon my part, our situation was murkier than ever. It finally came down to a wizards duel between the Loremaster and myself. I should have insisted upon resting till the next day. If I had, perhaps the events which followed would have come about differently.

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