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Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser-Fritz Leiber

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There were many influence books for original D&D. Many of them are out of print or only just being brought back into print. When I talk with people on this site, it is amazing to me that many of them have never heard of the books or the authors. I find this a shame as most of them are a great deal of fun to read. I will be starting this with the books by Fritz Leiber and his creations, Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser.

Fafhrd and the Grey Mousers are loners by nature. Fafhrd is a barbarian from the cold wastes and the Mouser who is a thief with some magical talents. Both leave their homes to go to the city of Lankhmar at the urging of their girl friends. Fafhrd wants to experience civilization and the Mouser is there for to help his girlfriend avenge her selves on the thievesí guild of Lankhmar.

The two meet while taking money from members of the thievesí guild, become friends, and become targets of the guild. The guild kills their girlfriends and they in turn do damage to the guild before leaving the city. They do eventually return to the city and have series of adventures. The tone of the series in general is lighthearted; the two heroes are clever and make witty comments as they are beating the bad guys.

There are seven books in the series and they go in chronological order. The books are broken into series of short stories detail some part of Newhon(the world) and Lankhmar(the city). So much of the original Dungeons and Dragons have some part of these stories imbedded in the substance of the game. The thief character class is somewhat based on these characters and the idea of dungeons or dungeon-like places are here also.

You could do worse than at least checking out the first of the books, Swords against Deviltry, the second one is Swords against Death. All the books have Swords as a common first word. Give them a try.

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