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Dawn of the Jedi Champaign

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The Jedi weren't always a pure philiosophical group dedicated to the balance of the force. When they first started getting organized on the galactic level, they were simply a group of force users trying to expand their knowledge of the force.

In a few centuries, the jedi masters in the jedi council will implement restrictions based on what they have learned. Everything that leads to the dark side has simply not yet been figured out. All masters and padawans really know is to try to be generally good.

Good luck to the upstart jedi as they attempt to avoid falling to the dark side without the traditions that are yet to be established.

'In game mechanics terms, this will be very much like an old republic game. All players will have some levels in jedi, but without the cultural restictions of a "modern" jedi order, they are allowed to multiclass freely.

However, dark side points will be given normally. Actions that would gain dsp in any other setting still apply. Without the knowledge of meditation, the easiest way to loose dark side points in other games will be unavailable. Players will need to play the fact that their characters "feel" themselves slipping. They will have to genuinely attone for previous actions.

Characters that do completely fall to the dark side, fall under the control of the gm. The player will no longer have a say in the actions the character takes.'

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  1. mmeloche's Avatar
    Sweet core for the story - not unlike sanity in Call of Cthulhu, right?
  2. canadiansatan's Avatar
    Indeed. A menacing Quarren crime lord will be a reacuring character.
  3. mmeloche's Avatar
    I'm nervous to ask, but is this an online or local game? If it's an online, I'd love to get in on it!
  4. AnotherShadow's Avatar
    If it is just the beginning and there aren't any traditions then how can one fall to the dark side or be a jedi?
  5. canadiansatan's Avatar
    Local game. Since the site update I don't know how to post that anymore, but this is more of an opinion and advice posting.

    There is no jedi or sith tradition. But there is a group of force users who have started to gather together and organize in order to expand their collective knowledge.

    As characters do evil things, they will earn dark side points, when the dsp add up to their wisdom score the darkness they have lived with overwelms them. They loose all allegiances to friends/family/oragizations/ideals. All their actions from then on must be 100% self serving, to the point of trying to kill an ally or steal the ship.