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Sacred - Ancaria

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Quote Originally Posted by CharlesMarkley View Post
We are looking for one to two more players for a biweekly roleplaying group.

We finished a Forgotten Realms based 3.5 (with some 4E ideas incorporated in, and playtested some of the Pathfinder changes, but no plans to go to 4E) campaign story arc.

We are now playing a (not the tv show) fantasy game based on the Sacred video game world using modified Heroes rules (our Yahoo Group & GM has the Player Background & Rule information). Our GM is really good about using player histories in his game.

Group ages have ranged from 26 to 45ish with varied backgrounds & easygoing personalities. Game is a mixture of roleplaying and combat objectives. We play every other Wednesday night from 6:30 to 11ish (try to end by 10:45).

We have another other member would like to DM after the Ancaria campaign is finished, as well as plans to continue with the Forgotten Realms story arc, so we welcome another GM/player into the group.

Shoot me an email or private message and we can get you setup for a test session.

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