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Forgot all about this site.

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Forgot all about this site but today I finally had to walk away from the group that I had been part of, It's been too long since I've been able to travel that far to game reliably I need to find a group closer to home.

I miss gaming, and walking away from that group hurt One of the DMs and I were in Jr High together. But the distance is just become a problem, as well as drama in that group. Easier if I just say screw it and find something closer to home.

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  1. Arcteryx's Avatar
    Always difficult to walk away from a situation, no matter how hard, just because its familiar and its what you're comfortable with. Congrats on the big uproot, hopefully it was graceful and left all (or most) bridges intact.

    Hope you find a gaming family closer to where you are and that it all works out.