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Anticipation and Dark Sun

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When tax return season came around my wife and I gave each other a good chunk of change to spend on anything we wanted. I opted to purchase and pre-purchase every single D&D 4th edition book I could get my sweaty little nerd-gamer hands on. This included Dark Sun's two manuals and the Psionic Handbook that is coming out.

Seeing those two fated words together brought me back to my youth. I still own both editions of the Dark Sun campaign setting. Indeed I still own EVERY RPG book I have ever purchased back to 1st edition and even some of the more odds-and-ends books like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness. Out of every setting I've ever played Dark Sun is the one I remember the most fondly.

It was raw, gritty, and, for lack of a better word, hardcore. I remember running my first gaming group through the sample adventure and having two of them die within the second session. Everyone enjoyed it regardless and with some funky DM magic they were miraculously saved by a generous benefactor (Who in the end was the one who had killed two of them in the first place). With the new D&D Encounters season containing some of the unreleased Dark Sun material I was hoping to join in but apparently no stores in my area participate. Attempts to contact Wizards of the Coast to see if I could host one locally at another venue came back with a stern tongue lashing. In the end I am going to have to wait along with so many other poor slobs as we all drool collectively. I hope we don't flood the desert with said slobber because that would defeat the purpose of a dry unforgiving desert.

Anyway I plan on immediately stopping any and all running campaigns in favor of Dark Sun when it finally does reach my door step. Until then I will have to satisfy my appetite for abuse by rolling characters until I go blind. My mother warned me that the proverbial playing with myself would turn out poorly.

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