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Gaming around Town

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So I am gaming in some games outside of my own (once populated) circle. Our DM for Pathfinder has retreated to his Townhouse in all but virtual identity and I continue my group with players; consisting of my wife and one other.

The few meetups I have had at Game Empire for LFR have all been boring to me and got tired of playing those scripted mini adventures.

I managed to hook up with a group that meets Sunday during the day at Emerald Knights. I am playing a Hybrid Hafling rogue/Warlord named Allistair and I had a good time. Will be meeting again Sunday and after that session, will be heading home to host my other game. I also have 1e game scheduled soon.

In other news, a new Game shopped open in Van Nuys called Green Ogre. I stopped by during their grand opening. My wife bought a bunch of dice and we received free T-shirts. Not as big as Emerald Knights, but then again, that store is also a comic book store. (I haven't bought a comic book in like seven years--even when they brought back Hal Jordan)

And of course I have my two online games that I had to get back into once my classes stopped and work has begun in the preschools. I am looking forward to becoming a teacher so i can earn some actual money.

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