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Postponed the next game session

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Sorry folks, but the DM of the Underdark Adventure has some stuff to take care of this Saturday, so we had to postpone our next game session. The party is preparing to push futher down into the underdark. Hopefully everyone's schedule will mesh and we can do this on the 19th.

Not really sure what happened, but Belsar is watching for that giant worm that appeared when they were fighting the illithids. Had a close one with the Ferret almost getting his brain ate like the Giant. At least now we know what and how those marks were made on the back of the giant's head. Belsar will be sure to mention that we will want to make sure that there are more than 1 person attacking any illithid, and wonders why the one he attacked alone didn't try to eat his brain as well. (remember, Belsar only has an Intelligence of 10. basically he knows weapon smithing and fighting.)

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