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D&D Encounters.

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I've been playing at a local Gaming Store (Game Preserve, Lafayette, IN) every Wednesday evening. Now, while I have enjoyed myself immensely, and am finally getting a feel for my character (it does take time for these things, you know) I do have to say that the style of play that Encounters brings to the table, as it were, is limited.
Not that it's a bad thing, I have certainly enjoyed being able to learn a lot about 4th Ed., having been away from D&D for quite a while, but it does limit the RP areas of the quest that is being run. This mostly due to the actual intent of Encounters, not necessarily the way it is written or any specific shortcoming of the module. Since we only play through one encounter in a session, no matter how long it goes, it limits the amount of consistent player/character knowledge that carries over, and seriously disjoints the narrative.
But then, Encounters is meant to be a bit of an intro to the system, and not an actual part of a campaign, now isn't it?
This, IMHO, it has done. I was able to pick up a little at-home game with my son, and have enjoyed it so far. I like the system, in general, and once I find a group to join up in an actual campaign, or if I decide to start one myself, I'll see how the specifics work out.
For now, I like the Encounters sessions, and I plan on joining up for the next one, just to have a look at the Setting they are running it in.

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  1. kirksmithicus's Avatar
    Glad you had fun. Good luck finding a group.