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Characters for the Wild Weird West campaign

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None of them are PC characters right now. I got a lot of development to figure out the connections between all these culturally and racially diverse set of people. I want to give each one a slightly different motivation along with their service for the U.S government and their friendship with Jim West. Yes, i used Jim West. I can't help it. Its not going to be a perfect replica of the TV character, but strongly based on him. No Artemis for now... too many other character options to throw in. I got 4 players with strong responses and i get i can get 6 - most of my normal group. There's some good role-playing challenges in there for players who want to do a little historical research... i should give extra CP for that. In fact i have...

I've got an idea that involves the supernatural and arch-villain... but i am still casting about for some non cliche interesting side plots and excursions to throw in. Its easy to envision the "main boss" encounter... now i just have to work backwards and figure out how the characters get them to that point.

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