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Awesometon and the start of Lucifer Play ground

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So pretty much I am about to start and place together the places in my world and if I can I will upload the crud map, that one of the players have made and then the real map I use.

To start the very north is the town of Awesometon. The whole town is on the edge of a 350ft drop to water level. On top of the mountain and on edge of a cliff. This town is rather small at the start of the game with around 200 people about it. A lot of those people are trades that open mats and rugs to sell with VERY limited weapons and armor. There are NO shops set in any house only the trades who may not be there the next day. There is a small inn but there is only a second floor with four rooms. All the prices in the town are around 35-65% more than real market price. There are small quest like clear out the road from there to the traders outpost sound of the town with is about a half a dayís travel on foot with no stops. Opening up routs and helping clear monsters of raiders makes the town grow. It has taken a long time but prices in Awesometon have gone down to about 10% more. Along with there is a commen house for anyone to sleep in 2 floors and the inn is now 3 floors tall the stable in the town is twice the size it was before. Along with all that the players have cleared another road that leads to town the newest thing they have found is there is now a blacksmith that has set up shot. It is a half-ork running the smith. The bar keep in the inn is a humanoid large black bear that DOSE NOT put up with anyone with weapons out. He keeps ORDER in his bar with a master work great AX large size. What the players DONíT know is the whole town is run by the mayor however it is also the assassinís guilds HQ. More on that later. The town has an odd reputation of having a ZERO crime rate. There are cloaked clerics walking around the town and with a sick nasty spot check a player could maybe spot a cleric on a roof with cross bow watching over the town but cleric soon jumps out of sight. The town is under the eye of gauds around 6 of them in the trade part of town. Under the town are caves and tunnels that the assassinís guild uses for meetings and what not. The leader of the guild lives in one of the houses there and is great friends with the gnome mayor. There is one house that is always locked but whenever the door isnít locked there is a crazy looking old women that sits are her desk talking as if she is drunk as hell and draws weird things on paper, she has a desk drawer with about 25 quills. With a DC 35 diplomacy +3 for each charter level the player. The old women pulls player inside shuts the door and talks normal to the player telling him how she is under cover and that it is of top secret. Everyone else in the town thinks she is just a crazy old lady. I think thatís all that has to do with the town. All new players start here.

Though this town starts out very small this is where every one of the adventures starts out the game. The town starts totally over run by undead zombies, ghouls, Skelton dogs (the dogs are a big plot point and do small battle but when odds are against them they use their jumping to avoid redeath. It may be that they still have large amount of INT). The starting price for everything in this town is around 35-65% more then what real market price. Once knocking out all the undead you find and spell casters (in the group) trained under the watchful of the gnome mayor; BESIDES druids. Talk about that later. There is a house in the town and A player knows witch house it is but there is a dwarf in that house. The whole story and game starts when your players are walking get a massager bird saying how this friend of yours (dwarf) is stuck in his house and needs your house to clear out the zombies. After all is said and done the town now is your home point. Prices are still at 35%+. If one of your players broke a DC25 search in one of the three premarked house they could find the deed to the house along with DC 70% they may have killed the homeowners and now start the game with a curdle build lean-to house around 20 x 30. Taking out the zombies are not easy, there is a home brewed green hag that seems to control them and can summon more with herbs inside her bag. However after a few zombies are dropped the hag will run away. More on her later. The left over citiens come out from inside the town hall. And the game so dose start.

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