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Evil Nosferatu

Free form blog, how fun.....?

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Well Im kinda in a gaming slump at the moment. Im planning on moving to Charlotte, NC in about 2 months and cannot wait to get there. I came back to P&P to get an idea of some of the people that I could be looking up once I get there. Gamers out here on the west coast dont seem to be as passionate as those on the east. I suppose I miss that. No offense west coasters, but its ironic that wizards is based here. HAHAHAHA! Maybe I do prefer white wolf after all?

Latest gaming offer I received was from a friend who wanted to run a world of darkness campaign. Old. Im not a fan. I was absolutely steeped in the old world of darkness for far too long and I think the old system has far too many flaws. I get a little sick even thinking of playing in it. Perhaps that has to do with my involvement with the camarilla fan club for too long back in the day, perhaps not. Anyway, I asked the guy to consider new and he said hed get back to me Knowing that Im moving he gained players, ignored my request and graced me with the offer of playing his npcs for him as if it were a favor. I know a lot of childish people, what can I say? So for now Im just playing occasional games with a couple of my roommates.

As for me and my fianc, were still waiting for NC. Hes already there and here I am sitting and waiting for the chance to move. Its already date set, but were waiting for the company I work for to move me. If they dont Ill just have to quit. Id rather not, as they have absolutely wonderful benefits. Theyre a great company and I really wanted to retire there but theyre being quite irritating about the whole thing.

Wish me luck!

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