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More info on the illithid encounter

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At the time where Belsar thinks that he was fighting some giant white wormlike creature, he was actually under mind controll from the one illithid. Yes, even I don't make a saving throw every now and then. When I failed that save, our DM hands me a note that reads, "You are obviously the best Dwarf fighter here. Attack the others and show that this is true." As luck would have it, the character of Rennek then came over to help fight the illithid. Now I didn't have to figure out which of the other 3 dwarves to attack, I just had to swing at Rennek.

Luckily, the first turn was a single attack turn for Belsar. It still did 7 points of damage. The next turn was 2 attacks and did a total of 14 more points of damage. The third turn was again a single attack and this time it did 9 points of damage. Fortunately, after that last attack, the illithid was far enough away that its controll over Belsar's mind ended. It did take awhile for his head to "clear" up, but the only thing he can remember is the image of that giant white wormlike creature.

The down side is that because of the various times that party members have managed to get hit by Belsar's battleaxe. The party members that saw a hit by Belsar on Rennek didn't think much other than it was a time that Belsar missed his mark and happened to hit the party member that was unlucky enough to be standing beside him.

I am curious to see what happens in the future. So far none of the characters have said anything to Belsar about the damage he inflicted on Rennek. Then, some of them may be thinking that Rennek kept getting into Belsar's swing. Rennek is the character that has the lowest intelligence in the whole group and they may have assumed that he wasn't watching where he was stepping.

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