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Giant Killers

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On day two of working on the repairs to my war hammer and the arrow heads for Merrick, I noticed an odd clanging sound after I stopped working. The local smithy said that is the bell to gather towns folk to help defend Thurmaster. With the work needing to cool, I went straight to the meeting at the front gate. Of course, we have to go and try to save some fishermen that are being attacked by some giants.

We arrive just in time to see two giants preparing to leave with a human body each. After we get their attention, the battle is joined. Although, Corabell had to go check on the person that one giant sent flying across the clearing and into a tree. When the first one was killed, the second one tried to escape, but luckily, he had taken some decent damage and wasn't moving at his normal speed. Good thing because that allowed both Dengar and me to chase it down. After Dengar delt the killing blow, I used my battle axe to sever the head off of the rest of the body. We figure this way we can show that we killed them. We drag the head back and find the party cleaning up after the battle. By some stroke of luck, that human that the one giant has thrown is still alive. Lorien was in bad shape as well, so Elixia helped him back, while Ferret and Corabell brought the fisherman back. Dengar and me brought the heads back from both giants. I severed the other's head at the clearing.

Upon arriving at the gates, Dengar had the person in charge brought to show our prize. Wow, you would have thought that we were kings. There were plenty of kids looking at the giants heads up on posts. Dengar then got the Captain of the guard to go to the crooked store keepers place. After some talking, somehow Dengar ended up owning the store. Ultimately, it was donated to the church. They have agreed to take any metal that will not be used over to the smithy. Probably be to much to hope that I can manage to get enough metal over to the smithy and be able to get some better armor. Needing to finish the repairs to my war hammer and making the arrow heads, I head over to forge while the others go to the Inn.

The next morning, with war hammer fixed and the arrow heads made, I head over to the inn to meet up with the rest of the group. After eating, I give the 12 arrow heads to Merrick. By chance of luck, Lorien is a fletcher and is able to make 12 full arrows for him. This is good to know that we can help supply ourselves with weapons if need be. It is decided that we should go back to where the fishermen were attacked and see about tracking down their lair.

Having Dengar along, we are able to find the lair. As we were finishing up burying the bones of some of the giants victims, two giants appear at the entrance. One comes charging up. Luckily we are able to get a lot of people on it and kill it. Strangely enough, the other one just stood there. We get up and it takes hardly nothing to drop the second one. After the second one went down, I hear a weird slurpping sound. We find a circular hole in the back of the head of the second giant. I am not so sure that we want to be going to far into the giants cave. We will need to keep many eyes a watching to make sure that there is nothing able to get a surprise attack on any of the group.

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