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Meeting the illithids

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Since it was getting close to sunset and the fact that it seems like usually our foes like to be more active at night, we figure that it would be best to wait until morning before checking out the giants cave. A watch is set and we make camp away from the cave entrance. I made a large camp fire that would burn all night. We also made a blockade at the cave entrance. We even soaked it with oil from a couple of oil flasks. This way, if something attacked from the cave, we can set the oil and blockade on fire and stop the attack.

I was woke up for the second watch along with Dengar and Blintz. The first watch was uneventful. About an hour into our watch, I notice movement out in the woods. Since there were about 10 of them, Dengar and I decide to wake the rest of the party. As they all get up, the other group comes into view. There are 7 Hobgoblins with 2 prisoners. The hobgoblins have a blank look on their face. As our party attacks, they seem to pay no attention to the damage being done to them.

Since they are headed for the cave entrance, I take out my light crossbow and send a flaming quarrel at the oil and blockade. The oil burst into flame and caught several of the hobgoblins. Unfortunately, it also hit one of the captives too. Surprisingly, they just continued to go through the flames. Now the fire is going to be in the way of us chasing them down. Luckily, one of the hobgoblins threw a poor quality battle axe, so I rush up and grab it. I am then able to use it to move part of the burning blockade out of the road allowing the rest of the party to be able to enter the cave without taking any damage from the fire.

When I am able to get inside the cave, all but one of the hobgoblins have been killed. The big surprise was to find creatures from stories told by my parents when my brothers and sisters were small harns & frawls sitting around the hearth before being chased off to bed. I guess we were lucky that there was only 2 of them. Dengar and Ferret were attacking the one that had taken the shackles holding the 2 prisoners. Blintz, Corabell, Elixia, and Rennek had been dealing with the hobgoblins. To keep the other one busy, I attack the other illithid. The odd part is after I start my attack, I somehow ended up fighting a large white wormlike creature that appeared. Unfortunately, the worm was able to escape as quickly as it had appeared.

Appearently, Dengar was able to finally bring one of the illithids down, but the other one escaped with the prisoners. Rennek took the worst of the fight as he was really beat up, but Corabell was able to heal him easily. We decide to give chase and try to rescue those prisoners. We continue down some steps and eventually we are going along a corridor that only allows for two people to walk side by side. Eventually we came to this old wooden bridge. The problem is that it will not hold any of us, so we aren't sure how the illithid and the two prisoners got across it. Merrick starts moving around and he casts one of his spells. Next he is tossing stones and amazingly enough, the stones actually don't fall down into the crevice that the bridge goes across but instead are suspended in the air. Merrick calls for everyone to follow him and he leads us out onto the open air. As we are going across, suddenly the crevice and bridge disappear and there is nothing but solid rock again.

Unfortunately, we never do catchup to that illithid and the prisoners. We do however come across a set of wooden doors and two other corridors leading away from them. After Ferret check to make sure the doors weren't trapped, we entered and found that we had been here before. It is the room that we fought the Orc hag in. Ferret now knows where we are at and we then proceed towards the gnomelike creatures place. As we travel, Ferret tells of how this is all connected. Now there are 3 ways in to get to where we need to go to make our way down to the underground city.

Of course, once we got to the gnomelikes place, there was a lot of talking going on. I let the rest of them deal with that. We end up getting to rest here with the gnomelikes standing watch for us. At least their leader seem impressed that we were able to kill an illithid. I am told that they are going to provide us with some more of their healing mushrooms. This will help since it seems that we will have many battles to fight before we even get down to the underground city.

Ok, for those of you who are following this story, I will make another post that will tell of the whole battle with the illithids. Keep in mind that I couldn't do that above since it is supposed to only be what Belsar Hammerfell actually knows. Hopefully it will be a separate post, but if nobody makes a blog post in between this one and my next one, the system will just combine them together.

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