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Nobody Understands Me

~- A Nightmare -~

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Evil convenience at the most up-wrecked time.
Sitting there all alone, your life worth a dime.
You can see your future in your own zombie-like dreams.
But you could care less, it could be some devil-like scheme.

You walk alone in day or night, with no sign of fright.
You eat alone all year long, with no sense of delight.
Blood oozing from the 6 inch depth wounds.
Hoping that you'll fall over dead, but not too soon.

You want to see the world that can see you.
But your mind is puzzled,waddled,and extremely confused.
They say you'll be okay, but your screaming inside of denial.
Your so ****ed up like your in an insane asylum.

Your blood drips and makes a poke-a-dot pattern.
Whats that you ask? Now they want you to wear a mask.
That's cool, I get what your saying. Now go die in your
Own pointless drooling dreams. They'll never be what you mean.

I may be ranting, but listen to me I'm speaking the truth.
Don't ignore me, I'll come break a tooth. That I'd do.

You see the future of your life,
I see the end; you'll die
Trust me you won't be smiling
You'll be the one on the ground crying.

Your weeping on my broad shoulders. I told you the truth,
Now look at you. I gave you my heart, it was the start,
But your heartless heart, took 'em apart, like a kid
Kicking his toy Lego's.

Screaming at me, "I thought you loved me, that you'd always be there."
I told you a lie I guess, but look at what you took.
You took my heart and stomped and laughed at it.
It's broken, not repairable because of you.

My wounds are now sewn shut. There's no more piece by piece cut. The lies
were truths. I can live in peace, this disease is over. For now I guess.
I was blessed.

I'm walking towards the door
I see you crying on the floor
Screaming,"I don't want to live anymore."
I walk out and gave a shout
"You got what you deserved,
I put my love for you in reserve,
But look where that got me,
I'm happy, I'm free."

I slam the door shut
That was enough
You can see your future in your own zombie-like dreams
But you could care less, it could be some devil-like scheme
In the end of this nightmare, I'm not the one whose going to scream.

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