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Independant Gamer Perspective

Back into the playtesting saddle

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So, added a new member to our play test community and made some major decisions last week. There is so much feedback from the 2.x rule set that while i was compiling 2.5 changes, i decided to make the full leap and implement some large scale changes. Many of them affect unfinished non-core mechanics. So far roughly 300 change items across many products and materials.

Yesterday's session we did the last test of Best Practice guidelines and integrated upbringing and weak backgrounds (3 CP max) to see if the balance was skewed at all. Seems like it was no problem. If anything, it seems like there were plenty of left over CP for character creation - maybe too much. 5 CP (thats 14 CP worth of stuff) got a upbringing and a weak background (riverfolk, bodyguard)... this left 15 CP still and already set the character skills to maximum value for their most important.

After mulling it over, i'm thinking there may be a "pathed limit" - i.e you can free form it, or you can choose a path - one or the other, not both. Time to post to the playtest google group and see what the testers think.

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