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Nobody Understands Me


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The day came too fast,
I forgot to get out of bed and woke to the moon,
I couldn't read a book,
The letters was too big and the words made sense,

I tried to feel today,
But I'm horribal at emotions,
Now I know why the meds keep them at bay,

I need to stop dreaming,
I need to wake up,
I've got an appointment with my bed and she hates it when I'm late

I can't wait till I'm grown up,
Wait, sorry thats a myth,
No one grows up,
We just burn out,
Like the flame on a cigarette,

Time is man made,

Humans- an unintellegent species that forgot our true survive. Instead we worry about cars, money, clothes, stereotypes, religon, or luxury. We forgot about family, actual love, and happiness.

I never try to impress someone,
I'm already sure I'm more awesome than they are and will have more fun shocking them.

Do I realize what I do to people?
Or am I so numb I forgot to care?

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