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nijineko's world

chapter fourteen: surprising entries....

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We are almost as startled as the giant who steps through the door. But we recover faster. He will never recover again. Unfortunately, he was accompanied by another giant and some bugbears: guards, slaves? They are armed, so I guess the former. The second giant begins calling for help as loudly as he can. More giants, more bugbears and even some massive apes, all come pouring into the room beyond. I gather my energies and begin unleashing sphere after sphere of flame. I am forced to spare some energy for shielding myself after a near miss. Pik dances. They are grass before the scythe of his scimitars. The deadly beauty of his twisting and twirling form belies the carnage he leaves at almost every step. Gramblin and Nadem are slower, but the heavy blows are no less fearsome. Sabriel picks and chooses her targets, striking where it will do the most good. A wise priestess, she, but no stranger to combat. A skillful archer indeed. Sabriel cries out. Some of them are fleeing. We dispatch the remaining foes, but cannot prevent the retreat. The alarm is surely sounded. We decide to hide again and wait to see what happens. We swiftly climb the rope and pull it in behind us. More giants and bugbears enter the room. This time it is fire giants. How many clans are involved in this? In the back of my mind, I continue to worry.

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