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nijineko's world

chapter thirteen: the illusion of life....

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Death is unpleasant. Near death is... nearly as unpleasant. And quite probably a good deal more painful. We quickly find a large room, but fortunately Gramblin was scouting ahead and discovered not only a secret door in the wall, but a trap in the entrance of the room. We decide to see what is worth trapping to protect it. He was able to disarm it safely. The room had a number of coffers on the far side, one of which was spilled over. All in all, a most suspicious setup if i've ever seen one. The whiff of some animal-like odor, and the occasional noise was hardly needed. I threw a copper at the pile of "treasure" and sure enough it was illusionary. To my dismay, the far wall also contained an illusion. The revealed archway was filled with manticores! Hungry manticores! We soon were dodging the flights of spines and fighting for our lives. The sharp stabbing pain followed by reddish darkness indicated that I had moved too slowly.

The next thing I recall was waking to Sabriel's healing ministrations. The psychic pain took much longer to fade. The body is slower to be convinced that it is healed, despite the finest of magical aid. The fire scorched and deeply cut bodies of the manticores indicated their eventual fate. Praise Nadem. Once we are all recovered, we explore beyond the archway. After Gramblin disables more traps in said arch. There is quite a lot of treasure, including some coins of an old make. Quite surprising actually. I wonder where the giants found them. Nobody makes electrum anymore. Speculating about that is sure to pester me for weeks now.

Considering the illusions, we think it worth the time to search this room more carefully. Our diligence, or rather, Gramblin's skill is rewarded. A secret catch releases a section of wall to swing open. There is a small corridor with another door at it's end. Scarcely do we enter and look around when it begins to open!!

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