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Nobody Understands Me

Razor Sharp Addiction

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When you feel the stress you reach for the piece of steel you have made your friend believing it is
Going to be there at the end and when you carve your flesh just so that when the blood runs you
Gain your inner peace but soon afterwards you find your mind being taken by the darkness you just
Cut from your skin then you reach for the piece of steel that seemed to understand more than
Anything or anyone ever could because it never hurt you unless you forced it because it never
Shunned you for your mistakes neither did it make you feel guilty it never left you out on your own
It always made you feel better without wanting anything in return you always wanted to learn how
Not to burn in this world but you were only taught to turn away from the world because it never
Showed mercy or courtesy to you as you drag your tortured soul through each day without any
Goal at all you seem to just drift by and every time you cry deep inside a part of you dies and you
Feel somewhat less real then you suffer the ultimate torture you donít know who you are anymore
As you continue in this unhealthy state of which will desecrate happiness and lure darkness into
Your heart like a dart into a heart it pierces through the flesh and lets your blood escape from
Where it should remain all you hold dear leaves you all that you ever wanted will escape you and
Leave your disheartened and damaged soul to fight alone against the darkness that has consumed you

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