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More Trolls

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Well, as luck would have it, we managed to not get hit very often in the last battle with the trolls. We seem to be getting better at fighting as a group and are getting better at fighting in general. With the minimal damage taken, Corabell and Neravin were able to heal up the party and still had some healing spells left for later.

Being healed and not having used that many supplies, we decide to go check out the room that Lorien put the webs at the entrance. We were surprise to see a troll come charging at us from the other side of the web, but as soon as it hit the web, that is where is stayed. Since it couldn't do much, the troll was dispatched relatively quickly. The web and troll were doused with oil and it was then set ablaze. Some extra oil was used to allow for some to flow down into the cave to take care of any other trolls that were waiting.

Now thinking that we only had one other cave to clear, imagine our surprise to find that what we thought was another way out of this area is actually a fourth cave. This worried us for a bit, but luckily it was empty. That leave's the third cave as the only one we haven't cleared. We move up to where what is inside can be seen, and although there are only 3 trolls, they are not going to be easy to defeat.

What caught our attention first was the huge two-headed troll. This one was like the size of four regular trolls. There was one regular troll that I wasn't that worried about. The third and final troll, while being a regular troll was not to be taken lightly. It was obvious by it's "attire" that this one was a shaman. I will never be glad to have to fight spell casters. Good thing that Lorien, Merrick, Corabell, and Neravin are with us. We come up with a quick fighting plan. Elixia and Neravin go over to keep the regular troll busy and hopefully can defeat and burn it. Basically the rest of the party is going after the shaman. Ferret, Dengar, Blintz and Corabell go close in on the shaman. While the other three do as Ferret sneaks around the sides of the room, hiding in the shadows and gets behind the shaman to attack from the back. Merrick and Lorien are making ranged attacks from the entrance at the shaman. It was decided that I would go after the two-headed troll alone. We wanted to get rid of the shaman as fast as possible so as to limit the amount of magic that is thrown at us.

I move forward, but stop short of where the "twins" are so as to not give it an advantage. We size each other up, or I guess it sized me down. Then it made it's move. Being much smaller, I was able to dodge every attack it made. I then introduced him to the Axe of Hammerfell. It was rather surprised when it recieved a huge slash from the axe. That tended to just enrage it. Might need to rethink the idea of single handedly going after creatures that get four attacks. It's second go, one of the mangy heads manages to get a small bite in for some minor damage. The best part was the look on both faces when I made two more major hits with my axe. It was at this time that I noticed that each head was wearing some sort of crown. the one on the left had dwarven teeth incorporated into it and the one on the right looked like it had elven teeth in it. From checking out the crowns, I almost didn't get dodged out of the way of the troll's next set of attacks, but i just managed to escape them. Of course this put me out of position and my next attack misssed. At this time, I notice that Lorien has come up to this fight and as he passes by, flames shoot from his hands and hit the troll. Lorien then continued on back to where the bulk of the party was still fighting the shaman. The troll attacks again, but is hurting from the fire that Lorien hit it with, which allows me to easily dodge out of the way. Two more swings of my axe and the two-headed beast goes down. Luckily, Neravin and Elixia had taken care of the troll they were fighting and had fire ready. They were able to set the two-headed one ablaze since Dengar had thrown a couple of flasks of oil at old two heads while I was fighting. They then went over and helped finish off the shaman by setting it on fire as well.

Looking around, we are happy to find that we didn't loose anyone to fighting the battle. As we start to check out this cave, we do manage to find the dead, decomposing body of one of those gnome type creatures that sent us to deal with the trolls. As they had put it, "As a test to see if the party is strong enough to go further into the Underdark." We agree to take the body back to his people, even though they are rather rude. But I don't want to be fighting something that can pass into the cave walls. As we are about to leave, I notice a spot that has perfectly formed crystals. Ferret finds another. Unfortuanately, we don't have the right tools with us to acctually take the crystals back with us. At least we know where they're at, and can hire a gem cutter to come and harvest them for us. Merrick managed to find some treasure that we agreed we would split up once we were back out of the Garlstone Mine. We then head off to find the gnome types.

As we approach the area where we had met the gnomish creatures, they come out of the walls and of course their leader is there and says that they saw what we had done and a glad to be rid of the trolls. I step forward and said, "Now what was this about our party not being strong enough to go after the trolls?" At this point, Dengar took over the talking and I just let the rest of them take care of that. As we are getting ready to leave, I find that we have been given a map by the gnomish ones as how to get through to where there is appearently a rather large underground city. There are lots of obsticles listed that include many creatures that will need to be defeated. It is going to take some time to get down there. We can only hope that we will find the ones that we seek still alive when we are finally able to get into that underground city.

We then decide that it would be best for us to go back to town and get supplies and rest up before decending further into the Underdark. If I can manage to have enough funds, I hope to be able to obtain some better armor than what I am currently wearing. Anything that will make it harder for creatures to hit me is always a good thing.

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