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nijineko's world

chapter ten: nothing warms a delver's heart like a little vandalism....

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There is a whole lower level which has been excavated! We pore over the features and listen attentively to the explanations which Gramblin has of his travels. Our worries about Gramblin's long departure were, of course unfounded. The existence of the lower level forced him to extend his searching. There is too much to explore in a single night. After much discussion, we decide to destroy the armory that Gramblin found, and then retreat. Better to tackle the underground level when we are fresh. After all there are much fewer exits from down there than there are up here....

The strike on the armory went well. It is frightening how much destruction that we can invoke when we concentrate and overlap our efforts. Nadem is gleefully streaming jets of fire from his hands with abandon-it is not often that he has an opportunity to freely burn something. I am loosing my power in focused bursts of sound. I'm sure my throat will be raw after this...

We finish off with a combined flaming inferno from Nadem, myself, and Sabriel all striking out simultaneously with what mastery of flame that we have. The resulting cataclysmic wave of heat sends us all reeling back, all except Nadem. He seem to revel in the heat. Seeing him stand there in the doorway, a dark silhouette against the ravening flames, brings on an atavistic shiver. But now Lord Mousehunter informs me that more feet are approaching, many many feet. We flee up the tower stairs, surprising a giant coming down. He barely has time to draw breath, when Gramblin strikes with his hook-hammer, Nadem with his greatsword, and Pik with his multiple scimitar. The giant falls over dead, his cry stillborn. Sabriel and I do not even have to break stride in climbing the stairs. Hurrying down the rope is probably the hardest part of this venture, I am not the most athletic of individuals.

In haste, I summon the remaining tatters of my power and draw over us a cloak of obscurement, though it is not strictly needed given the darkness of the deep of the night. I am not fond of being shot at, let alone when the objects being shot are small boulders, rather than arrows. Discretion and valor. We make it safely away and I lead the way back towards camp. Gramblin and Pik both have some facility for seeing in the dark, but neither can match my ability. I have always been proficient at seeing through all but magically created regions of darkness, and my vision pierces the dark much further than any other I know.

So now, I weary, and must enter the trance which passes for sleep among my second-kin. Sleep has never come easy for me. Despite my second-kin's assurances to the contrary, the same problems trouble me in the meditative state as well. All to frequently, full rest fails to find me. I find that I must drink a fortifying potion more often than not, simply to find a night's rest. Yet another puzzle in which I seem to defy the norm, will it or no. I fervently hope for the nights rest; facing the burning, blinding orb of the heavens after a poor night's passing, is almost more than I can bear.

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Updated 05-20-2011 at 04:20 PM by nijineko

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