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Random musings of an insane writer


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About to head out to my FLGS and pick up yet another rule book, and maybe look at some dice bags. Its been a busy week, since spring term is in full swing now I have to get into that groove of doing homework and taking quizzes. Once I've got my cycle down I have no problem with the workload.

On the gaming side, I'm GM'ing a W:tF game on the boards here titled 'A Den of Rage'. Still in recruitment phase, but getting there. Locally, my House Games group is entertaining as always. Since we hot-potato the GM duties, I've been writing up some new weaponry/gadgets for one of the PC's in our group. One of my PC's is a billionaire industrialist whose concept is Tony Stark, so I build weapons and things for the other PC's. I've recently started a new PC with the concept of Aristocratic Fencer, who happens to be Spanish.

Pet Peeve of the week : Facebook games. These are not real games in any sense of the word. But the 'casual' gaming market has been taking off in the past few years. Might not be a bad idea to get in on this craze while it lasts.

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