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Random musings of an insane writer

Writing and stuff

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Because I'm taking a writing class right now I really don't feel like posting much. I hate that. I have to write an essay a week plus the 3 graded essays for the class itself. Blargh. Teach says to mix up the sentence structure a bit to make things more exciting. I say, bah! It seems I'm doing alright so far. The teacher has responded to my discussion posts on our website saying that my style is 'superior' so I guess that's a good thing? It may or may not be. He might have higher expectations of me now and that just won't do at all. Considering the online beatdown he gave someone else for their post because it didn't meet the technical requirements of posting on our class website (200 word minimum for discussion posts, replies don't count).

Math is annoying in that I have to plug everything into the equation editor for Word and send it all in that format to the teacher. I'd rather write it out and scan it than use EE.

Operating Systems (Vista) class is going fine. No problems thus far. Easy monies.

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