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GoddessGood: The Ramblings

Border War Campaign Part 8

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A surprise this session, Rami the NPC is actually another Solar exalt. An Eclipse Caste to be exact. More notes: Sumar is the neighboring nation and is on the brink of war with the nation the party is currently in, Tyria. During one of the first sessions, Gaias was stopped at a toll bridge with his traveling companion and refused to pay the toll. A fight broke out - which his companion largely started - and both the toll guards and his companion ended up dead or unconscious in the river.

Further notes: Abyssals are exalts as well, and it was determined in the previous session that the two men (both wearing black, one more heavily armored) they fought were Abyssal Exalts. A Shadowland is a small transition area between the world of the living and the Underworld. During the day, it is a gateway from the Underworld to Creation, during the night the gateway is reversed.

Our eighth game began at the great tree. After some discussion with
the god of the tree, the party decided that the god was simply
looking for someone to talk to and had nothing of value to say. The
tree god said she could reveal secrets to them if they would stay and
talk with her. Rami bargained with her, agreeing to spend three full
days talking with her sometime within a year after asking a question
which she would answer to his satisfaction. The tree god agreed to
this and Rami sanctified the oath, revealing himself as an Eclipse
caste Solar.

Nine spent time attuning to the spear which had previously belonged
to Luchea while Wataru gathered up the remains in his overcoat. Nine
then stashed the cloth-wrapped spear in her room at the boardinghouse
while the party gathered pyrewood and summoned villagers to a funeral
for Luchea. Nine gave an excellent eulogy in Old Realm language and
Luchea's spirit could rest in peace.

The next day, Gaias and Nine were summoned to the council hall by a
messenger and Wataru attended with them. At the hall, Gaias was
accused of murder by a delegation from Sumar and the council was
petitioned for his extradition. The council chose neutrality and
stated that they would not interfere unless either party caused
violence in which case both sides would be escorted to the border.
Gaias claimed that the Sumarian guardsmen were killed in self defense
and that the fight was started by a guard attacking his traveling
companion, Halvor. To delay a confrontation, Gaias asked for time to
prove the existance of Halvor by finding the cousin whom Halvor said
lived in the city. The council granted Gaias one day after which a
decision would have to be reached and mandated that he stay within
the city.

The party spent many hours that day following up on leads and rumors
trying to find the cousin of Halvor to no avail. Wataru suggested Gaias
try to find Rami by tracking him down with Aesis, especially since
they had left the tree god alone and talkative with Abyssals in the
area. After finding Rami, Wataru sent Aesis back to town and the two of
them continued toward the tree. They saw the man in black armor
searching at the base of the tree for a strange mirror that Wataru had
found and hidden the night before. After an hour of searching without
finding it they followed him away and west across the river into Sumar
lands. There they watched him as he waited at a small, temporary camp.

As night fell, Nine and Gaias gave up on their search and returned to the
market to pick up packages. On the way back to the boardinghouse, they
saw the tall Abyssal walking slowly through the streets and alleyways
toward the council hall and seething with dark energy. Nine ran to stash
the packages while Gaias went to intercept the man at the courthouse. A
combat ensued which Nine and Aesis quickly joined, but the Abyssal
managed to open up a small shadowland and escape through it. Thinking
quickly, Nine encircled the spreading shadowland with a ring of her
blood shed with the orichalcum spearhead and managed to stop it
spreading. Unfortunately, Gaias and Aesis were trapped inside it unable to escape until dawn.

To be continued ...

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Updated 02-23-2009 at 11:01 AM by GoddessGood

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