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Random musings of an insane writer

Spring Term

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Well, spring term started last week and now I'm taking another writing class, which is annoying cause I have to figure out grammar again and I hate doing that(run on sentence anybody?). Our class focus will be Alternative Media, our first essay is to choose a topic from the Infowars website and read an article on there we find interesting a couple of time then lay down our thoughts about it. In order to quote facts, we need to find a second article from another site talking about the same subject. Simple, no? Well its annoying. I have to first figure out which of these rambling fool articles I'm most interested in(Biometrics and Police states are looking juicy) and then I have to put down my opinions and back them up with evidence from other articles on the subject, also linking in our class book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" into it all. Which is, arguably and interesting book on the subject of taking over countries economically for the past few hundred years and wars are just messy by products of said manipulation.

We'll see.

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