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Salamanthar's Campaign: Part #12

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999, 5th of Aryth
12th bell
Corridor heading to the east wing of Fairhold
Fairhaven, capital of Aundair

Salamanthar strode quickly on his way back to the Ministry of Justice. His stomach turning with either Jack’s information or all the grape juice he had drank. Arrah for all of her ten feet moved gracefully behind and off to one side of him. To Salamanthar’s immediate right sauntered Arigar. Behind them came Doltar and Rijkert at a more leisurely pace. Taking turns at looking out the impressive windows at the inner courtyard which displayed one of the vast palace vineyards and then occasionally glancing outwards at the Fairhold lawns he led his associates at a steady pace.
Having just past a guarded door Salamanthar was still looking outside when he saw an eruption of large antlike creatures spewing from the earth. He blinked in surprise, drew his blade and pointing with it he exclaimed, “Aundair dares! Aundair dares! To arms!” Then in an ancient language commonly known as Draconic he canted, “-Armour-”
“Right boss!” replied Rijkert as he vanished from view.
“If, you, will, pardon me, then, chief steward.” slowly spoke Arigar in true Ridarovin fashion mounted, in this case on a broom, and flew towards the door.
“Arrah stay with Salamander?”
“Brightness be! Not this time Arrah – get out there!”
“Rish ray Arrah!” growled Doltar as he notched his bow and in typical longstrider ease strode towards the door.
Salamanthar noticed that the goblin guard detail took one look outside and then back at the group charging towards them and wisely opened the barred doors. He noticed that Arrah with her massive stride was the first through those very doors. She was quickly followed by Doltar. Next came Arigar, who was reading and flying at the same time. Most likely somewhere in there was Rijert and Salamanthar brought up the rear.
Before Salamanthar excited the palace door he saw something. Something with his keen elfish eye - back far in the distance of the corridor – a something that resembled a celestial figure of one who follows the Undying Court. Salamanthar smiled, waved, and excited the palace with his sword in hand and his mage armour up.

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