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Salamanthar's Campaign: Part #11

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999, 5th of Aryth
11th bell
Salamanthar’s Office - Ministry of Magic
Fairhaven, capital of Aundair

“So I see your Warlord Adal has to keep up my Warlord Darro.” commented Baron Delgado McLoud de Vasquez de la Penna, also known as Jack. Who sat in Salamanthar’s office sipping grape juice which had horribly stained his handle bar mustache purple.
“Pardon – I do not follow you Jack.” Salamanthar was doing his best to not break into his huge customary grin when he saw something that greatly amused him.
“Well, it is simple – I have a troll – you have a troll.”
“Yes, well they are more common now that the WynarnUniversity has thrown open its doors.”
“True enough Sally – true enough.”
“I appreciate your assistance back at the Ministry of Justice. And, I would appreciate if you would call me…”
“Nonsense, Cary would not have arrested you – you are the chief steward to the Royal Minister – the queen’s brother! Would not have happened; massive embarrassment! I am sure he was grateful I came along and saved him more like than you. You have to understand that Cary is a good man. No dragonmark you see – so a prestigious position in Aundair’s court for him. But, he really tries - he works very hard at his job.”
“Well, chattering does not roll the barrel.”
“Good point Sally – good point. Well, where do I begin? I guess I would like to offer you any assistance my ministry has to offer. After all, if I scratch your back you could throw me some crumbs from your lofty perch. And, while I am no Spy Master Racannoch – I assure you I know things. After all, while Captain Mathus Brochand may be Warlord Darro’s strong right hand I am his left. Funny story – did you know Lord Darro is ambidextrous?”
“Uh – no.”
“Yes, it startled me when I noticed it. Now, I have to say that I have spent most of my last few weeks pouring over reports about the Eldeen Reaches; specifically from the Wynarn River to the Mossmantle – but you are not interested in that are?”
“Uh – no.”
“I see – well how about the lack of activity across the Scions Sound?”
“No, not really. What can you tell me about a harpy courier?”
“Well, they are usually pretty tough customers. Pack a nasty bow that can loose…”
“No, actually – I am looking for a particular one.”
“Oh, I had no idea fire elves were into…”
“No, no, my ministry is looking into a disappearance of a courier.”
“Carrying something of value?”
“Not sure.”
“Oh, come now Sally – surely you must know.”
“I would rather not say.”
“Well, that is entirely different then. Fair enough. Now, which way was the harpy coming to Fairhaven?”
“I am not sure but I believe from the west.”
All right – there are quite a few adventuring bands that way. I will see if any if any have reported in anything about a harpy. Most of the reports I have gotten are about the mobilization of Eldeen militia and wraiths. Always wraiths! Good thing Lord Darro went to Passage to ensure they are all wiped out. Now, anything else?”
“Well, you know about the warehouse.”
“Other than the fact that you were observed trying to break into the building not too much – after all, I am after all the Chief Steward of Foreign Affairs.”
“Of course.”
“But, I do know that the items are being shipped out of Aundair and most likely out of Khorvaire as well.”
“Brightness be!”

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