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Salamanthar's Campaign: Part #10

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999, 5th of Aryth
shortly after 10th bell
Offices of the Ministry of Justice
Fairhaven, capital of Aundair

Salamanthar felt his stomach muscles clench up as if he had just encountered a bully from his old days at pre-magical school. He knew instinctively the baron could be an extremely useful friend or a very powerful enemy. Almost to prove his train of thought Salamanthar watched as Baron Delagdo de Vasquez de la Penna, also known as Jack, took total control of the situation. His orders were crisp and clear, “Cary my good man. I believe you have an image processor that belongs to the Ministry of Magic?”
“Er – yes – baron.”
“Well, we will take that off your hands then – Smash?” A large troll from Jack’s group nodded. “If you please – retrieve the item off Chief Steward’s desk.”
“Er-baron, I need that for an investigation.” replied Carith as he watched a male troll enter his open office door.
“Nonsense, Cary; an investigation on whom?”
An investigation on Chief Steward Salamanthar.”
“Preposterous! Any truth to this Sally?”
“Brightness be – I only…”.
“There you have it Cary - Sally says he has nothing to do with any nonsense!”
Actually, Chief Steward Carith – I was hoping to have a warrant to search a certain warehouse.”
“Course he will – Cary – we may count on you to write up that search warrant?” Carith nodded in defeat; which was made even plainer when Smash walked out of the office with the image processor and papers began to fly all over the office.

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