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Salamanthar's Campaign: Part #9

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999, 5th of Aryth
almost 10th bell
Courts of Justice – the east wing of Fairhold
Fairhaven, capital of Aundair

Salamanthar reviewed the promised reports, done as soon as ‘elfishly’ possible, then made his way to the massive east wing of the castle of Fairhold. His entourage fell into military order behind him with Arrah in the formation the cadence reverberated down the corridors. As they moved closer to the main Ministry of Justice division Salamanthar spotted a large group of Arcane Knights standing intermingled with the regular House Deneith mercenaries/marshals.
“Greetings Chief Steward Salamanthar. I understand you have an appointment with Chief Steward Carith d’Cannith this morning at tenth bell. He is eager to receive you. However, you will leave your weapons with us.” outlined the Captain of the Arcane Knights.
“Brightness be – I am the Chief Steward of the Ministry of Magic and I refuse to be disarmed…”
“…Never the less chief steward those are my orders. In point of fact if you did not have an appointment this morning I understand there is talk of an arrest warrant to be issued in your name?” interrupted the captain.
Arrest warrant – for me? By the Five Nations! Fine – I – here take my sword.” Salamanthar firmly handed his holy, ghost touch, long-sword to the captain- who delicately accepted the beautiful but deadly weapon.
A half dozen guards were almost crushed to death as Arrah tossed them her shield, glaive, and warhammer in her rush to accompany Salamanthar. Rijkert did not move an undead muscle and neither did Arigar move a live muscle. However, Doltar nodded to Salamanathar and offered, “RRe whirll rait her fir yer rurturn.”
Salamanthar nodded to the three remaining behind and followed the captain into the inner chambers of the Ministry of Justice. Arrah followed almost on his heel. Salamanthar noted that the set up was similar to the offices at the Ministry of magic but were no where near as lavish – one side of his fire-elf face rose into a smirk.
It quickly rose to a full grin as he glanced back to witness Arrah’s every step was almost telegraphed as ready to grasp him in her arms and leap out of any nearby window if necessary.
The captain knocked on the largest office door. As they waited for the door to open Salamanthar saw three artificers/magewrights in the waiting room. One of which he recognized – Ignotus - from the warehouse! The door opened and an elderly human stood on the other side wearing judges’ robes, he spoke in a kind voice, “thank you captain – ah, Chief Steward Salamanthar and a t-t-t-r-r-o-o-l-l-l. P-p-please, come in.”
As Salamanthar entered he glanced back to see a sneer on the three men’s faces. Arrah must have seen the same sneer as they quickly got up to leave after she glared at them. Salamanthar’s smile returned. Papers were strewn high all over the desk and the chief steward’s head barely poked above them as he returned to the other side of his desk. However, Salamanthar easily noted that the paperwork would have been in neat piles if it were not for an image projector that had been deposited in the centre.
“Chief Steward Salamanthar – tsk – well, this is not how I wished our first meeting. But, before we get to business I must say - congratulations, on your appointment to the Ministry of Magic! Here have a seat.” He gestured at the chairs which looked comfortable to any medium sized humanoid.
“Why thank you Chief Steward Carith d’Cannith. I have come here this morning to …” began Salamanthar as he sat down. Arrah took up her standard position behind him.
And it is a good thing you did. As otherwise, I would have had to make out a warrant for you and your associates.” interjected Carith.
“Brightness be – why?” queried Salamanthar.
“Your image was captured trying to break into a warehouse last night.” Carith pointed at the device on his desk.
“I can explain that chief steward.”
“I was hoping you would - chief steward.”
The dry swallow from Arrah’s throat was deafening. Salamanthar leaned in and truthfully stated, “I have been advised by the Royal Minister to investigate that warehouse. This morning I have come here to request a warrant to that very warehouse – only to be disarmed and ushered into your office as …”
“My apologies chief steward the disarming of all is a new – well, certainly you must have heard about last nights events. Especially, the queen’s decree.”
Salamanathar quickly looked at Arrah who blinked back at Salamanathar. Salamanthar replied, “Nnno…”. The pause was enough to overhear a large uproar going on outside the door. A bellowing voice could be heard cutting in and out of common and gnomish. Arrah went to open the door but it did not budge until Carith’s fingers turned the doorknob.
Outside Carith main office area a scene from a bad play could be just made out. The captain was looking downward at someone unseen who was clearly pitching what could very well be called either a fit or a bizarre tirade.
“This is preposterous! &*%$! I will not relinquish my ^%$#@ weapons nor will any of my valiant and trustworthy companions you stupid ^&*%$. Now %$#@-head I demand you take me right #$%^&&* now to Carith!” bellowed the voice.
“My sincere apologies dear baron – I am only fulfilling my duties.”
“‘My apologies’ – my #$%^!”
“Baron – please be reasonable – the queen herself has…”
“The queen! Of course blame her for your incompetence! You %&&$# - all right here is my weapon.” With that a load crack could be heard. When Salamanthar approached he observed a set of adamantine chain sticks could be seen vibrating in the marble floor. Looking further he saw a young looking gnome appraising him.
Ah – never mind captain. Chief - Steward – Salamanthar – I presume?”
“Yess – baron…?”
“Baron Delgado McLoud de Vasquez de la Penna but you can call me Jack – just Jack – all my friends do. And I am sure we are going to be - great – friends.”

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