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It's name is KRUNCH

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The group hit the surface soon after the last encounter and rested and restocked their adventuring supplies. They also picked up a new member, a bard named Ellrend, played by a frat brother who became interested in the game we were running and our loud, often drunken antics. Looking over their maps, they found a new section of Undermountain that they almost completely missed. An intersection with two directions they didn't explore yet.

They went back to it, this time without Kyra, and went down one of the new passages but hit a dead end. They found a secret door though also with Og's help. You can read the story here in one of the out-of-order early entries.

The story picks up immediately after.

Ellrend: "So, is Og always like that?"

Dragon: "No, usually he's more thorough, but he had an axe, not a mace."

Ellrend: "Uhh.... oh... I see."

Garion: "You know Og, that battle axe isn't looking too good after that."

Og: "Wall must pay. Say things 'bout Og mommy. Maybe Og need new axe."

They come to another four-way intersection. This one though has engravings on the walls. One reads "The path of the blade", the second "The path of magic", and the third "The path of poison"

Dragon: "Oh yea! Path of the blade!"

Heinrich: "HEY! What if I want to go the path of magic??", with Nahals perched up on his shoulder "Yea!"

Dragon: "Well... I think we should go in order, right, straight then left..."

Ellrend: "You're just now saying that."

Dragon: "Well, it makes sense! Umm... Og, you like blades?"

Og just grinned happily in response.

Dragon: "See? That's two to one..."

Garion: "Blades sound good to me!"

Heinrich: "Screw you guys! Fine!"

Nahals: "Isn't there a path of booze?"

Heinrich: "Sorry little fella, maybe next hallway."

They go down the path of blades, after a few hundred feet, they come to a massive natural cavern with the ground hundreds of feet below them. A pillar of rock in the center has some kind of altar on it. A thin, crumbly stone bridge connects the passage to the island. Dragon strains to see the altar, he doesn't want to risk crossing the bridge. I tell him he sees what looks like a strange two-handed sword.

Dragon: "A two-handed sword guys, not a katana... let's check out one of those others before we decide if we want to risk getting it."

Og goes happily skipping across the bridge.

Ellrend: "Hey! Sir Og! Wait!"

Heinrich: "Hahaha! I'm staying RIGHT here! Nahals, do we got any popcorn in the ration packs?"

Dragon: "Dammit!" and goes running after Og. "Og! Wait! Hold up!"

Dragon catches up with Og as he's stopped before the sword. The sword is of a simple, battle-blade design made of some strange black metal. He sees some writing on the altar: "To release the spirit of this blade, speak it's name...." and the stones after were crumbled away.

Dragon: "Ok, Og, don't touch anything yet."

Dragon bends down and finds some of the crumbled stones with letters on them. He gathers a bunch and stands back up. Og is there holding the sword in his hand.


Og: "Name?"

Suddenly, the whole cavern starts rumbling and stalactites come crashing down!

Dragon: "BACK! RUN BACK!!"

They dash across the bridge narrowly evading falling rock. Finally, right when they get to the other side, a massive chunk comes crashing down taking out the whole bridge!

Heinrich: "That was priceless! You moron, I can't believe you went after him!"

Dragon: "Shut up..."

Heinrich: "Let's do that path of magic!"

They return to the hall and go down the path of magic hallway. They come to a large room. At the other end on an alter is an elaborate staff. The floor is tiled with large stone tiles, each with a symbol on them and each with a glowing ember of a delayed-blast fireball twinkling away above them. There's at least one hundred fifty tiles, and thus, a trap of one hundred fifty potential fireballs exploding. The group pauses in the doorway considering the scene.

Dragon: "Lets... come back to this one..."

Heinrich: "Yea... that don't look fun."

Garion: "Best idea I've heard all day..."

Dragon: "Path of poison!"

They head down the third hallway. They come to a large sandstone room with a sand covered floor. A stone dais is on the far side with an alter upon which sits a fancy bow and quiver of arrows with bright green fletching.

Heinrich: "You know, at least we know what'll happen to us in the path of magic room if we screw up. I bet I can figure it out, we don't know nothing about this one..."

Garion: "We'll get back to it! But that bow is looking mighty fine to me!"

Ellrend: "Perhaps we should poke at the floor... we don't know what lies beneath the sand."

Dragon: "Probably floor. Let's go."

They start crossing the room. Ellrend is poking at the sand with his blade. Suddenly, it crunches into something. The floor starts rumbling and several dozen large scarab beetles start poking up through the sand.

Garion: "It's probably no small leap to conclude these things are poisonous!"

They start battle, Heinrich peppers a pair of them with magic missiles, Dragon pulls his katanas and smashes one with a loud CRUNCH!


Og takes his new blade and smashes two of them, also with a loud crunching of shattering chitin.


Dragon: "What? What are you talking about Og?"


Dragon: "No! That was back THEN... oh never mind!!"

They finish off the scarabs. Dragon got bit hard by one and failed his poison save, luckily, the group has stocked up on some expensive antidote potions and burn one to save his life. Garion claims the bow, an elaborate bow of Drow craftsmanship and a quiver of poison-tipped arrows.

They returned to the magic room and after carefully figuring out the ostentatious magical trap, Heinrich had a new staff that could shoot fireballs, lightning, dispel magic and cone of cold.

Heinrich: "Oh yea! Fireballs at will!"

Garion: "So help me, if you catch me in a fireball, I'll pepper you with poisonous arrows!"


Dragon: "Man... where's the katana section of this dungeon?"

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  1. Blydden's Avatar
    Oh Heinrich, that was priceless.

    So, was the name of the sword ACTUALLY Krunch? Or is it really something else?
  2. Frobozz's Avatar
    It was really something else. I forgot what I was going to name it though. I figured I'd put the sword there for Dragon and see if he was interested. If not, I'd let Og have it. I didn't expect ONLY Dragon to go after Og though or how quickly he dismissed the thing because it was a two-hander, so I decided to run with it. Dragon wasn't the kind of guy to be able to figure out the puzzle anyways; the guy who played him was more a combat monster. Garion was the puzzle-solver of the group and he decided to stick with Heinrich.

    I think the sword had some Drow name, but that just didn't fit with Og. I realized since I gave him the blade, he'd never use it's name, and the role-playing never even had a chance to reveal it, so I came up with Krunch while running the scarab encounter because I kept describing the things dying with a "Crunch of chitin!" It just seemed to work out in the game.

    The staff room was way overdone. They studied that room for an hour before being brave enough and confident enough that they found the right solution. I wanted the room to be intimidating, not tough. I overdid it. It was hard for me as DM to prod them into "just try something" since they were convinced the whole room would detonate or something.
    Updated 03-28-2010 at 01:24 AM by Frobozz
  3. Blydden's Avatar
    Another question. Did Dragon ever get his magical katanas? (Lol I always get Garion and Dragon mixed up.)
    Updated 03-29-2010 at 01:26 PM by Blydden
  4. Frobozz's Avatar
    You mean Dragon? At this point I believe had a +2 Katana and a normal one. He was really munchkined out; all his stats were very min-maxxed; which I had never seen on another first-time player since. He did far more damage than anyone else in the group, with the exception of Heinrich when he threw his best spells and Og when they could convince him something was bad enough that he started raging.

    Garion did fair ranged damage and fair melee damage, as did other players we cycled in and out like Ellrend and Melba, but Dragon was the primary party DPSer. He had the most constant damage.

    I did eventually give him a +4 Katana after a few more levels, in fact, I believe it was a +4 defender; I'd have to recheck the campaign notes, but I was pretty frugal with the group as far as powering them up. I powered them up pretty early to get them to the point of being able to run Undermountain and familiarize themselves with their characters, but after they started delving, I put the brakes on the magical chochkies. The Path of Magic, Path of Blades, Path of Poison area was one of the rare areas I tossed them some bones.