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Salamanthar's Campaign: Part #8

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999, 5th of Aryth
7th bell
Ministry of Magic
Fairhaven, capital of Aundair

Salamanthar rested his head on the coolness of his livewood desk. His self inflicted headache throbbed with every beat of his fire-elf heart. Last night after the debacle at the warehouse he had returned to his quarters to discover a parcel from nearby Passage. The handwriting was clearly that of his gnome friend Francis Ulysses Calvin Kyle the IV even though it only contained one word – congratulations! The beverages contained within the parcel were a welcome salve to the rough day. After a bottle or two he had decided to experience a bit of the Fairhaven nightlife with Arrah in tow. Now, somehow, he was back in his office.
Arrah – ARRAH!”
Arrah here.” came the troll’s voice from behind him.
Arrah my head hurts from the - the celebrations last night.”
Arrah remember – Arrah was there.”
“Brightness be! You were? What happened – no, never mind. Arrah, please summon the undead warlock, Doltar the shifter and – and their companion - a – a - an - elf mage - here.” groaned Salamanthar attempting to keep his orders simple so Arrah could follow them.
Arrah understand – but...”
“…just go Arrah I will be secure here in my office.”
Arrah understand but…”
“…Arrah I will be fine please go now.”
Arrah will be back soon.”
“Brightness be – it is much too bright this morning.”

999, 5th of Aryth
9th bell
Ministry of Magic
Fairhaven, capital of Aundair

Salamanthar easily heard the soft pounding on his door from his well meaning bodyguard. He rose from his near fetal position at his desk and gingerly opened his office door to reveal four humanoids standing there. Immensely imposing was Arrah - his female troll bodyguard, at a fantastic ten feet something in her incredible shiny mithral armour. Beside Arrah, stood Doltar – a longstrider shifter, who looked like he walked out of a Thrane knight’s bad dream. Next to Doltar, with the aid of some sort necromancy also stood Rijkert – an undead warlock. Finally Salamanthar’s eyes transfixed the fourth humanoid – an elven mage! Not –Thanos - the assimar! Not – Thanos - the favored soul of the Undying Court! His eyes quickly went back to Arrah then his swift mind recalled an earlier conversation with her and he exclaimed, “Brightness be – who in the 570th level of the Abyss is this?”
“Pardon me chief steward. When a member of the Ministry of Magic states, ‘Arrah says come now.’ One does what one has to. My name is Arigar Ridarovin…”
“…of the Valenar Ridarovins.” interrupted Salamanthar with a sinister smile on his face.
“indeed chief steward.” replied Arigar with a slight but of apprehension from Salamathar’s smile.
“Perfect. We are off then!”
“Right - off to where chief?” commented Rijkert.
“To the Ministry of Justice of course!” replied Salamanthar.

“Right – I knew that.” rasped Rijkert under his undead breath.

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Updated 03-28-2010 at 05:22 PM by cigamnogard

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