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Hardwired Rocked!

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I watched Hardwired last night. It was such a cool movie. I think any fan of Shadowrun could appreciate it. It wasn’t “traditional” SR, of course, but the theme and setting was great. It was near future, and the corporations had taken over. The evil mega-corporation had a plan to subvert people to its will and make even more money. Then enter the runners, who find out about this evil plot. Again, since this was not “traditional” SR, the runners are not motivated by money and power, but morality - though, I will concede that I have played a few SR sessions where the runners were not motivated by money or threats. They manage to locate one of the victims of this plot and hack into the manipulation device. They even make use of the device as an augmented reality to aid in the mission to stop the evil mega-corp. I loved it. It had the combat specialist and hackers. I know after the movie was over, I wanted to run a similar scenario in a SR campaign.

I’m sure many of you have already seen the movie, so I’m probably just blabbering about my opinion of the movie and showing how behind I am in the gamer world. But I just love to see movies that “hit close to home”. I love when there are writers, producers, and directors that capture the essence of my long-time hobby. This movie “personified” some of the best SR games I’ve been in. Oh yeah, Cuba Gooding, Michael Ironside, and Val Kilmer were good choices to play SR characters. Again, just my opinion.

My two cents...


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  1. core_player_stage's Avatar
    At once I sat through a movie, sat next too, was too one side, caught some from the corner of my eye, wasn't with a niece and nephew...I would watch that, but it was like reading the book. Never seen one with Shadowrunner, not today, and didn't see any of it while I followed this "review".