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side-story on Trel (reading for the bored)

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I haven't had much luck finding players for my game, ...out of boredom I started writing a story based on my world. I will randomly determine the following factors for the characters in this story:
  • age
  • alignment
  • race
  • sex
  • starting location
  • class

This presents a better creative-writing challenge. It will also help prepare me for the random characters players come up with. I intend to generate a different character from each of the 24 major realms on Trel and somehow make them all part of a larger storyline. At the very least it will help me develop the world more.

Hopefully anyone that reads this will find themselves intrigued enough to visit the website and consider creating a character of their own. *crosses-fingers*

Who knows, your PC might meet a character from this story?


Ith Empire
Drashi, Oro (20)
CG HM Vitus-User (Gogiyo)

Wind and rain lashed the shoreline of the Isle of Ith. There was no moon, only frequent flashes of lightning lit up the thrashing waves. Oro strained his eyes looking for a black speck on the sea. He'd spotted it a half hour ago out beyond the shoal. A ship full of fools braving the storm... Oro thought, instantly chiding himself for the remark. The people of Ith were not known for their compassion but he was not unsympathetic to their plight. He was merely frustrated by it becuase there was nothing he could do.

Oro was supposed to be meditating on the power of the elements, merging his consciousness with the wind and rain etc. He was determined to learn the secrets of the Gogiyo, mystic warriors that control the weather with vitus. No, not control... influence he reminded himself. And yet, everytime he closed his eyes he could not stop thinking about the ship. Nor could he avoid opening his eyes everytime lighting flashed nearby hoping to catch another glimpse of it.

Why was a ship so close to this part of the island? It was largely uninhabited, heavily forested, many miles from the nearest port. There were beaches yes but the shoals were treacherous. He could not remember the last time he saw a ship larger then a fishing skiff come this close. As a rule fishermen kept within sight of their village, the nearest of which was several miles further down the shore. Was the ship damaged? Was it doomed to crash against the cliffs in front of his very eyes? What sort of ship was it? Where did it come from?

Reluctantly he gave up on meditation. His mind was restless as the sea. He was specifically told that he must do it everynight but it could not be helped. Sighing he stretched his arms and unfolded his legs. He was sitting on a plain bamboo mat since sunset and his ankles ached. Around him the walls of the open hut start to tremble in a gust of wind as a shiver runs over his skin. From outside the hut a disaproving voice startles him. "You lack discipline."

Oro swallows and sighs. How long had master Kuhn been standing there? Pulling his bamboo cloak tighter around his body Oro steps out of the hut into the weather to face master Kuhn. Quick to show proper respect he bows quickly keeping his eyes downcast and nearly slips in the mud as another gust of wind whips his cloak up tighting the cord around his neck. Calmly with as much dignity as he can manage he pulls it back down gasping and shivering. "I'm sorry master" Oro gulps, "I was distracted by the..."

"I am aware of the ship!" Master Kuhn interrupts sharply. "Do you really think it would escape my attention? I can feel the sea like my own skin! The ship is an insignificant fly, easily brushed away with my hand."

"I don't understand." Oro gulped.

"Watch!" Master Kuhn screached pointing out to sea.

In another flash of lighthning the ship nearly keels over before another gust of wind almost takes Oro off his feet. The ship was closer now. The wind and sea was pushing it towards them. Oro cringed. It seemed his earlier prediction might actually come true. He felt sorry for them. Master Kuhn chuckled at his reaction. "Do not pity those fools."

Oro frowned. He did pity them. Was that wrong? In another flash of lightning he could see the ship was indeed damaged. It's single main sail was ripped to shreds. Men crawled over it like fleas. Oro risked a glance at Master Kuhn. He was a hard man, ageless as the stones they stood upon. As always the rain never touched him. Standing near him like this kept Oro's hairs on end. There was something strange about the air around him, it ticked with great power. Oro shivered again but it was his nerves that made him uncomfortable. "Who are they?" He asked.

"They are enemies. Ronin who planned to land here under the cover of darkness and attack the village." Master Kuhn replied coldly.

Oro gulped. That possibility had not occured to him. Oro knew he did not like to be questioned but he was suddenly overcome with morbid curiosity. "How do you know this?" He asked.

Master Kuhn snorted. "I heard their voices on the wind of course."

"You knew they were coming?"

Master Kuhn nodded. "This is not the first time they've tried. Fools! ...Brave, stupid, fools... do not pity them. They know Gogiyo watch the shoreline but they still try and sneak through. Sometimes they disguise themselves as fishermen, sometimes merchants. Once they even managed to board and commander one of the emperors warships! It matters not. They are fools, preceeded by fools, who will no doubt preceed more fools." Master Kuhn sighed. "Fools will always die like fools."

Oro's eyes grew wide. He finally realized what was happening here. "You mean, the storm, you...?" His breath caught in his throat, lightning flashed, Oro watched the ships mast collapse dragging several men into the sea. He felt sick to his stomach. "...Why?"

Master Kuhn frowned. "Ask the emperor... Once, we Gogiyo were respected and left to ourselves. Now things are different. These fools die so you can afford to be naive and sleep safely tonight. Think on this and renew your meditation here tomorrow if you still wish to be Gogiyo. Go now Oro, no more questions tonight."

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