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Into the Castle

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The group, upon entering the castle- see my last blog- were immediately assaulted by a group of skeletons, ordered to defend the entrance from anyone but the old wizard himself. The might cleric Morethump turned them all to dust rather quickly, so the group continued on. The main floor had several simple traps but no other monsters, and finding several potions in the kitchen, they went to the second floor, which held the garden.

Once there they quickly saw that getting the branches would not be easy. The five headed hydra guarding it most likely tipped them off. The hydra did have one handicap- golden bracelets on its necks were magically made so that the heads regrew in their maximum time of 24 seconds, and thanks to Ellwick the Sorceress and her Acid Splash, the hydra was defeated. Since the bracelets were also cursed to prevent theft, the group settled for the magical tree branches fallen during battle, and some seeds, as the season of autumn meant the tree had bore its seeds, and a few were left on the ground unrotted or eaten- the castle had a large semi-feral pseudo dragon population.

In the basement the group was able to subdue a Manticore and find several scrolls, a magical cloak, and of the course the weapons of previous adventurers, which they also found as part of the hydra's horde. With the castle cleared of monsters and loot the group went back to the aging gnome to deliver the magical wood. In gratitude the gnome fashioned powerful new quarterstaff for Ellwick.

By that time all the delegates had arrived for the meeting, so the group set off to the mayoral palace to convince the Confederation to side with Borellon and Callan.

I really am a better writer than this, honest. I'm just not much of a morning person.

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  1. michael's Avatar
    Cool adventure!