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nijineko's world

chapter five: hidden yearnings....

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On the Morn of Fireday, 6th Month of the Year of the Emberhound. Starday passed in contemplative travel. On Moonday we met with the duke. He was not quite what I expected. He seemed more the harried bureaucrat, despite the armor. Our appointment was squeezed in between some merchant factors and soldiers report. We were thanked for volunteering, told that unusual giant activity has been taking place in his duchy, and oddly not in any of the surrounding duchies. We are to investigate and if able, do something towards ending the threat to his duchy. He issued us a voucher for 'supplies, simple', and sent on our way. Scratch item off of list. One can certainly tell that he was once a man-at-arms and not overly trained in the art of the word. Handled us with words as an inexpertly used weapon.

With lives so short, perhaps it is not so strange that humans spend so much time worrying about time, and scurrying like small bugs to accomplish what they may. Almost like Pik... living so briefly. He is already my fifth companion, and I, by the standards of our people, my first-kin, have not yet achieved adulthood, despite outliving so many of my brothers and sisters.

Let me be not turned aside in this my desire. If any way there is that can be found to lengthen this the lives of my people, that will I discover. I have not spoke of this even to Pik. Nor, indeed to any of my companions... not even to the elders of our tribe. I once asked one of my second-kin, about lengthening ones natural span, but was answered only that it was a common folly of youth. Later, one of my other tutors, of nature-lore such as exists in the forests, commented that it was dangerous and unpredictable to alter something from its natural course, something seldom attempted by the wise, save in the face of extremity. So it seems that my words traveled. Perhaps in the process of learning how to do what I seek, I will also discover the wisdom of if and how to use such knowledge along the way. I returned to the desert and my first-kin later that month.

Fortunately, the duke's scouts have narrowed down the area where the giants lair. A recently fashioned stronghold was found, and it is there that we will begin. I wonder what we will find.

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Updated 05-20-2011 at 03:26 PM by nijineko

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