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And the party has grown

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Belsar will be updating his campaign journal on Wednesday. We had some new folks join the group and here is the party breakdown:

Me = Belsar Hammerfell, Dwarf fighter

Etarnon = Dengar, Human ranger

Ade = Blintz, Dwarf fighter

Fezi = Fjalar "Ferret", Dwarf wayfinder

Ben = Lorien, Elf mage

Colleen = Neravin, Half-elf Druid

Aeval = Corabell, Elf cleric

Harley = Merrick, Half-elf mage/thief

Chrissy = Tristiana, Half-elf bard

Anthony = Rennek, Dwarf fighter

Jen = Elixia, Human paladin

Arron = Godric, Human ranger

Katie = Juniata, Human bard

Starwolf013 = DM for this game

For my Tsojcanth game, Starwolf plays a character while I am the DM. The two of us have stated that we will not take any more characters into the group going forward. In the case of my game, Jen will be going to school this fall and has said to not make a character for her, since she will most likely not be able to attend very much. We will, of course, make arrangements for any time that she would be able to be present at a game session. Also, with 4 more characters being added to my game, this will allow for the throwing of some really nasty creatures and demons at the party. <Insert "Evil" DM laughter> Got to make it interesting for them and not a cake walk.

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Updated 03-09-2010 at 05:41 PM by cplmac

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