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nijineko's world

chapter four: light and dark....

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During the course of Stoneday, 5th Month of the Year of the Emberhound. I am always faint in the strength of the day. As usual, we have found a place to rest, out of direct sunlight. Pik dances in the sun. The gracefulness of his leaping spinning turns tugs at my soul, so at odds with the normal jerkiness of his loping gait. Even through the double thickness of the black gauze I must shield my eyes with my hand; the deadly glitter of his scimitars form dazzling patterns about him, til his form is nearly lost behind the blinding flashes of the quartet of silently singing blades.

In many ways, we are opposites, him and I. Child of the desert day, he; child of the desert night, I....

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Updated 05-20-2011 at 03:17 PM by nijineko

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