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nijineko's world

chapter three: the meeting of the members....

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On the eve of Metalday, 5th Month of the Year of the Emberhound. It seems that the feeling of confidence almost invariably precedes a fall. Thus in the face of the feeling of confidence that Pik and I have been feeling, I am wondering what we have missed. We have met with Nadem's friends. They seem most capable individuals. Our time spent training together has helped us to become known to each other. Indeed, the times of sharing about ourselves and our experiences in combat have done as much in that regard as our actual mock-combat sessions. My suggestions have been well regarded, always a pleasant feeling.

Nadem tends to defer to myself or Pik as he always has since our first meeting, but Sabriel and Gramblin are refreshingly outspoken. Yet, they too seem to defer a final decision to one of the two of us.... I wonder just what tales Nadem has been spinning of us?

It is said that, 'Worn yet well cared is better than new'. Sabriel is a warrior-priestess more practiced than most with a bow. She is also an accomplished wielder of Faith. The combination of the two is quite impressive. To say the least. Pray for her continued good grace.

Gramblin wields the traditional tool of his kind, the dual hammer-spike. But he is a specialist with a most unusual quarry: giant-kin. He is perhaps two-thirds my size, and I myself am somewhat short among either of my people. I marvel at his courage in facing such dangerous opponents as a matter of course.

And Nadem has grown in his abilities with since last we traveled together. We will never lack for warmth when he is about. Tomorrow we embark.

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Updated 05-20-2011 at 03:14 PM by nijineko

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